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Money is frozen and caught

Money has something to do with numbers. For children, numbers are infinite. Numbers are effective for children as long as they are connected to their inner world. Letters also have an effect. And in and of itself, when the children learn in your inner world, the essential information remains consciously anchored in you. Numbers and letters are her friends. From the children's eyes, numbers and letters are something like Monopoly, a game. However, a lot of history hangs on today's numbers and letters. The history of numbers and letters is associated with a great deal of suffering and pain, with deception, deception, the creation of a society based on good and bad. From then on, the game is no longer fun for the children because it is not the truth for them. Now control comes into play. Not control, in the sense that someone picks up a red pencil and corrects mistakes, that is the lesser evil, that is the visible, rather harmless, act of this control. That could still be part of the game, namely that the adult pretends that writing and adding up is so important, because that is part of it so that you can communicate. That fits and they are thankful for that.

It gets bad when the adult pretends to have everything under control and to pretend to the child with a selfish conviction how to live in this world. What to do, when, and what to do. From that point on, the child's deep trust is unsettled. From that point on, the game can become a drama for the child. From this point on, the child loses connection with himself and no longer feels comfortable in his skin. 75% of the children are in this situation. Approx. 25% will be the managers in the sense of harmony in the future. Also the harmony of money. The flow. From this point on, life on earth is like Monopoly again. 38 billion are no problem for them. Children know that with this sum you can support 100 nations and build up healthily. You only need 1% of it per nation. They know the formula and their potential is capital.

Children see how money is doing in this world. You see that it is not free and frozen in an apparatus that is deceiving itself and is not honest with itself. The children appreciate the support and they will free the world from their debts. How they liberate the environment, how they will manage for the good of fauna and flora. They will activate their creativity and spread prosperity and peace from their basic harmony in the regions of the world. These are the VEQstars. These are the children whose potentials move the world to a place of inner and outer wealth. These kids are already there. They are quiet, grow out of regeneration, out of calm into their strength. We are these children too and we are there for the younger generations. In the regions and nations of the world. We are looking forward to it.

With kind regards Dipl. Ped. Christiane Köppl Prof. Kinesiolgist

LEAP specialist in brain integration


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