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Corona and the economy in the 21st century

Prosperity through the eyes of a child

I actually wanted to end the campaign "Through the eyes of a child" on March 31, 2020 and concentrate on 100% on "The Art of Harmony". That was probably nothing, as the ominous Covid-19 virus intervened like an intruder. The campaign for the children is more essential today than ever before. So I'm going to easily combine both campaigns. People often ask me: "What does the economy and prosperity have to do with the children? They are still too small." I then wonder inside, mostly perplexed: "How must a person think in order not to recognize these connections!" I try to describe the perception from the children's eyes as visually and simply as possible: 1. Every child has a father and mother as an example. Every child grows up in a certain environment. The fact that the parents behave with one another and which profession they pursue has a major impact on the development of the child. Other family members, friends, educators and even collective fields also influence the development of the smallest miracle person. Factors: relationship and vocation. 2. Every child sees and feels whether there is healthy and fresh food in the family and whether it is essential for the parents to take care of the body and to move it. Whether there is time for it or if there is constant agitation and stress on the agenda. You can see whether the parents' behavior is too extreme or perhaps too lax. Children in their genius generally feel which way of life is healthy and natural, whether nature is taken seriously or not. And they realise if there is love anywhere. But at some point they adapt or adopt old collective patterns. Empathic children (Cerebellum children) are particularly at risk. Normapathic children fall into obesity because they have no other choice. Factors: health and awareness. 3. And now comes point 3. The economy, the economy, the mammon, which is based on capital and greed, which pretends to provide financial security, which in many cases is no longer deposited with a real value like gold, for example. So this economy is worth nothing or not what it claims to be. Realizing children is a game that is not healthy. And from an early age they feel overwhelmed, especially the empaths, because the flow in the child up to 3 years old is still naturally predisposed. Elbow children (focus children), the enforcers seem to digest it better, but sooner or later it can also come to a great awakening from a burn out or other diseases.

For 99.999999% of the people living in Austria periodically, the parents of the children have to adapt to the construct of competition, supply and demand. That means, every child sees how mom gets involved or even struggles to secure their existence, maybe has deep fears. And ideally, is there also dad, if it is still a healthy family. Everyone is running after the money that has little strength and value. So there is this emptiness somewhere. And now Covid 19 is coming. Many are pulling the ground from under their feet, 100,000e are waiting for a cash flow, even the billionaires are beginning to calculate how they can stabilize their assembled constructs. Maybe even with government help? Everyone is at home and whether Bill Gates with China is the cause of the evil virus or maybe the dear (evil) God is behind it, there are different opinions. One thing is certain. The children sit in the middle of it, watching, learning, experiencing and know from an early age that it doesn't feel healthy and good. Can you still ask yourself, what do children have to do with economy? They are prepared for performance and unhealthy extremes from an early age. It is May 3rd, 2020 and after a sensational millennium shutdown they drive up with the economy again. What has changed? LITTLE to NOTHING for the kids. Now it's time for that

1. the female qualities finally gain in value. The VEQ® model is a predestined example of how this can be done and

2. Children independently learn to understand and control their complex body, mind and soul space. Because man is the economy, man's strength is capital AND man's immune system is the security that the economy will work in the future. We have prepared everything in our educational island in favour to the younger generation.

There will still be plenty of nasty viruses that could unsettle humanity, because health does not depend on a single injection and should not be determined by a single man and a few institutions. Personal responsibility and learning from history after 1945 and 1955 may be at the top of the curriculum of humanity. Mammon allowed me to speak so that humanity hears the truth. It's enough for him now too. All the effort in vain. It can't be that way and he doesn't want to leave it like that. In the future he wants to be left alone and finally retire after thousands of years of work. Deception and greed is also tiring. The world cannot afford such a scandal a second time.

Everybody is capable to learn prosperity and peace in favour to human and nature.. It's time. Sincerely yours Dipl. Ped. Christiane Köppl Ped. Kinesiologist LEAP specialist in brain integration


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