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It all depends on the beginning

Through the eyes of a child

A few weeks ago, the world was standing still. Hardly a car on the streets, the shopping streets deserted. Shop window dark. During this time the air seems to have recovered and the animals have returned to places where they had not been seen for a long time. Except for the sea, people still used it as a trash can for, for example for their mouthguard. Would have been too nice if people had changed in such a short time. Or maybe something has happened in the background? Something invisible? Something that normal man cannot control and cannot be realised with normal eyesl? An excerpt from "Shania and learning from history" - this chapter is about the firefly Jessy. And who has not read the history of Shania yet. She is a simple girl with a deep love for all animals and plants. She is deeply wise and has a huge knowledge of the harmony of the planet and the people who live here. That's why the Star Fairy approached her at that time and asked her for help. Back when Count Finstergreis started to irritate, manipulate and use people. You will immediately understand what I mean.

Shania and the firefly Jessy ...... In any case, Shania has observed in the past few months how Count Finstergreis is up to mischief again. She doesn't notice much of it in her inner world. She usually only recognizes it from the reactions of the animals, which tend to become more restless and less harmonious. And the plants are also much more stressed out normally. And mostly it is the sun, moon and stars that appear more stormy. The tsunamis and earthquakes that tease the earth when it is really angry. It was very blatantly different this time. The animals became calmer and braver again. The plants literally blossomed. Spring was spring as it should be, the air so pure. The magnolias bloomed so profusely that you could really see the wealth behind them. The sun was shining from the sky and the moon was in super moon mode. "Wow, what's going on now?" Shania thought. Shania knows Count Finstergreis very well. That's why Shania was astonished now. It has never been like this. Not as long as she can remember. There are hardly any cars on the streets anymore. People's shops have closed and everyone suddenly has protective masks on their faces? Somehow everything is different this time. "Interesting. What is he up to? There is something in the air or better, it actually did the air good. Just what exactly is behind it? “, She thinks. At that moment, the firefly Jessy comes up to her. "Shaaaaaania!" She calls out loud. "I have to tell you something. Count Finstergreis must withdraw, said the Supreme Harmony. And besides, he wants that too. That was how it was agreed a long time ago. He is tired now. He doesn't like anymore and that's why he came up with something very special about how he now closes this chapter in humanity. And he needs you! " "Oops, now it's getting exciting. What should I do? "" He says you should travel back in time with me so that people can remember. They are all trapped in this cage like a cheese-bell, in which they themselves do not recognize that they are. We can tackle this by communicating and solving the information from the story. ” "Okay !?" that sounds reasonable. "Shoot it, where do we start? The history of mankind is so many million years old. Do we have to go back to the original cell? "

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!" We start in 740 BC. "Ok, let's get started!" Jessy reports: “From 740 to 701 BC there was a scripture prophet named Isaiah. Back then he spoke of peace and fraternity, and the cooperation of the nations. He said: "Wolves and sheep will be together peacefully. Little calves and lion cubs will lie together in a meadow and children will take care of them. And if a baby plays next to a poisonous snake, nothing will happen to him. .... He spoke of paradise on earth. " "What happened then? What if people's thoughts created the world and this man was already so conscious at that time, spoke these beautiful words and sprayed the positive spirit? How could people fall for Count Finstergreis then? ”asked Shania with interest. "In order to find the solution, we need to know that more precisely." Jessy continues: “The whole thing started about 67 to 131 AD during the persecution of Christians after the death of King Nero. He wasn't healthy. It wasn't so good in the spirit. It took a turn in the last book of the New Testament. It's called the Book of John or the John Apocalypse. It is about the destruction of mankind, a very detailed scenario in which the world is falling to rubble, plagues and natural disasters for a very long period of time, and in which God only saves the true Christians and finally about evil wins! " “That means people have had bad experiences for millennia because they build on the story of John? Why did you choose this story and didn't stick to the beautiful story of Isaiah? ”Shania asks again.

At that time, the powerful realized that all people around Jesus Christ were very brave and inspired people. It was probably Johannes too. Nobody knows exactly why he wrote this book. Not even if he wrote it himself. In any case, it seems that at that time someone saw an advantage in worrying people and scaring them with this story! ” "OK. So that would mean that the powerful people of the past misused their powers and possibly even manipulated the book? Is this the original wrong thought that triggered the subsequent actions. A dynamic that has had an impact over thousands of years? " "I think so!", Jessy replies. "This is exactly how it looks! Is there anything else you can change? " "Of course we can!" Says Shania promptly and unpacks the star fairy's wand. "Nobody can imagine how easy it is. That's why the forces of the cosmos asked me.“.................. ..........Shania looks very concentrated and somehow waves the glitter stick around. That's how it works for Jessy. It has already happened. High-frequency light and harmony flow into the channels of the ages and a wonderful flower is created. The calla. It stands for eternal life, immortality and is considered as proof of love. All people, especially children, are now free from this deception and burden. The reconciliation with the past has happened, the new space has been created. " "That means?" Jessy asks. “This means that the people who are empathetic enough now can feel it and are role models for paradise on earth. It will be a wonderful movement for the children on this earth! “, Shania concludes this topic with the greatest gratitude and deepest satisfaction.

Shania and the Star Fairy or Shania and learning from history are two parts in a book that deals with the inner world through the eyes of children. It is a book that is provided with historical facts for adults to read and that describes the essentials in life in short chapters for children and inner children. People's lives are based on stories and sometimes the stories that were told didn't really do us any good. Not a child's psyche. That may change now because we are laying the foundation NOW for the younger generations. Children need both sides in their brains. The logic and creativity. Creativity, intuition and inspiration are all one in these chapters. The book is ready by September. Two Austrians are still involved in the success. A historian who makes her contribution in the form of historical facts and a brilliant artist from Tyrol. It's a wonderful story for Christmas. So please, if you continue to follow my letters. Every word creates more clarity for the children of this world. Life can be so simple and it all depends on the beginning: whether it concerns the birth of a child or the restart after a lockdown. Adults can slowly understand that there is much more than what they can see and perceive. Love, it is quiet and true love, it is powerful and yet invisible. True love means really well with us. Sincerely Dipl. Ped. Christiane Köppl


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