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The magic of the children - economy 5.0

prosperity through the eyes of a child

Already in 2010 I wrote the book "Shania and the Star Fairy" and this story could not be more current today. That is why I now teamed up with an enthusiastic historian from Salzburg during the times of Corona to pack the history of mankind into loving pictures and a book for the inner and outer children and to back them up with facts. A Christmas paradise story for the children of this world with the solutions for the imbalances of this time. The book of knowledge because knowledge illuminates. This magic is needed now, after a millennium-old ditch that has opened up and seems to be almost insurmountable to the common sense. As deep as the Mariana Trench and how the universe is, just as the Bermuda Triangle seems to swallow everything out of nowhere. The ditch is so real suddenly and many adults have been confronted with their fears, pressure and coercion. With a struggle for survival - like the dinosaurs of prehistoric times. Maybe it was a journey through time to the origin of humanity or only until after the Second World War? It could all be easily done. In any case, it was a world emergency and it is still.

We know the time today. The language of politics, powers that build on a few false thoughts and stories in the background and continue to see people worldwide as subjects. So it is used to the many people who live under this invisible glass jar, in the energy of duality, in a world of being separated. In this world too, humanity needs leadership, because otherwise there would be anarchy. Many cannot perceive the freedom outside the bell jar because Count Finstergreis has blocked their access to their own inner treasury, the real inspiration and creativity. Most people know the story of the little prince, but do not know that they have long been part of it. And it's good that they don't recognize it. That is why there is this still somewhat dark room under this three-dimensional vacuum with many confusing thoughts and as little development as personal responsibility. At the moment, however, MANY people are not really comfortable in there anymore, something has happened. Neither men nor women, neither mom nor dad, and neither the good nor the bad. They fight. But that is not so important about good and evil, because it does not exist in the real world, where the hearts and souls of the children are at home. Once again, good and evil is just a story that people have been telling themselves from generation to generation. The Count Finstergreis simply remembers very fondly how he could lead people in this bell jar over thousands of years with only one false dual EGO thought. Recognizing this now and letting go of it, after so many years, is of course a challenge for him and for everyone who is used to it. But he is ready and he has done it. He has told us that he is tired and wants to retire. All children can cheer inside, even if it looks a bit difficult outside. The ship steers towards paradise like an ark.

Towards the great portal of love, peace and prosperity for all nations on earth, the calla and the lily show as the flowers of infinity and beauty. Yes, of course it all sounds like magic and a dream. After "The Chronicles of Narnia or The Legend of Aang". Honestly, it's the truth. Truth persists and the power of true love wins. The highest consciousness can erase ages from the eyes of children, like waking from a coma and suddenly not remembering a lot. And it can also build portal gates and the way to paradise. Man is the being with the highest consciousness. So we can create wonderful things with our most inspired divine thoughts. The children's room is much larger than this bell jar that takes the breath away from so many. It is clearer and purer and fills the entire cosmos with love. The clear thoughts with immense creativity and manifestation power bring out a lot of beautiful and useful things for the well-being of people and nature. Because the time has come. For the room of every single child there is this crystal-clear basic construction plan, a foundation like that of a house and then dimensions like floors in a high-rise building. As a flower has a golden ratio, so does a child's genius. This little spark of light contains the harmony that makes the little miracle perfect. It is not in the mind and shows itself in school grades, no, this genius I am talking about is the pure essence for the inner wealth and the peaceful coexistence on the planet. The human being as being with the highest consciousness is the child. And now the time has come to do just that. It is the greatest wealth, the capital of the future, preventive for the protection of nature and the environment. Also in terms of the financial flow. And whoever believes now, it all happens by itself. No, children need people with compassion and a clear structure to protect their genius and also to develop it. Adults who are role models. Adults who know and understand the healthy structure and the blueprint with the children and enchant the planet and humanity with ease.

Everything as it was until now is fine. Respect and respect for the past, appreciation for the enormous commitment of the previous generations. But now counts NOW and a look into the future. Economy 5.0 has the meaning of a profitable economy with true capital, essential, meaningful products and exemplary business relationships. There is a very clear formula to be followed. NOW is time for a conscious economy, a life in harmony with natural cash flow in dimensions that we as adults cannot imagine. We learn all of this in the school of highest consciousness. It's time for VEQ® - Vision on Earth with high quality. VEQ® stands for the little ingenious spark that carries all knowledge. The pure spark of harmony. The story about it another time. Maybe sometimes live and with voice.

Socrates would say: "Oh, that's what the kids meant by luxury." Sincerely yours Dipl.Päd. Christiane Köppl Successful life requires a healthy structure


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