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The end of duality - a wake up call

VEQ - Vision on Earth with high Quality

For a few days now I have been concerned with postings on LinkedIn and also direct conversations that I have had. Postings about responsibility, leadership, doubts and people who are positive, but there is always a BUT to be heard in it, or extremes that would undermine everything. I have known for a few days that it is my job to address this publicly. Again and again. Austria and future generations are close to my heart. My own children, grandchildren and everyone who comes afterwards. I want to go into that today. The thoughts that people think. About the vision that has accompanied me since 1998, about the depth that I experienced in 2001 that taught me to completely let go of control of the mind and the programs, patterns and characteristics. What is behind it (there will be the book: Shania and learning from history shortly) and how little I wish this near-death experience to experience others (more on this in the next post). One after the other.

Point 1: The duality - the number 2

We live in a society based on duality. That was the idea. For a very long time. The duality does not allow harmony, unity and harmony. She is always looking for something separating. Behind it is the history of mankind, the grounding, being human and learning again in an awareness to grow into a supreme intelligence.

There stick humanity right now. Worldwide. Very, very many and that has been okay so far. But today is the day of change. Politicians do everything they can. It does great things, everyone and above all Sebastian Kurz does his best from the perspective of duality that is perceptible. It is important, very important here, that if there are so many people now who want the system to pry itself out. No, that would be completely unhealthy because it would harm 80% of people. So please stop these thoughts! They harm and come from the dual ideas even more. In Austria, we still stand for neutrality worldwide and that is important to remember again and again. Neutralize the thoughts that harm. They harm each and every one of you and also the others. No matter what it is about. And for whom. Our country is the model country, the country of the resurrection - Easter kingdom. And the time of duality ends. It subsides. We are in the Arche Austria and have to fulfill our task. I speak for the soul of Austria, for the number 1 educational country and the children of this world.

Call 1: Stop thoughts directed against anyone in this country. They are dual and do not advance our country.

Point 2: The Trinity - the number 3

The youngest generation and the field of action in harmony

Many children today bring harmony. The harmony is their genius. This inner harmony creates a field of action that is priceless in this world. This field of action means salvation for every nation. Especially for ours because we are supposed to be the number one country.

I can already hear some men and women muttering, there is no such thing. It doesn't exist because the adults can't imagine it. If an athlete said from the outset that his "prospective" successes did not exist, he would never be able to achieve them. Inspiration, creativity and inner images - that is the art of harmony and that is something that many children, including the inner child of quite a few adults, have. They are awakening now.

I am such a human being too. And yes, the way was difficult and difficult to survive with the adults in the area. Ignorance and selfishness. As a pedagogue and expert, grown up from sports and languages, I know the children need all of us. Every single Austrian. Our respect and respect for their inner miracle. Together we lay the foundation for the younger generation. All those who want it voluntarily. Strengthening the idea of ​​inner harmony brings us all forward. That is why harmony is the best thought for the German-speaking mind at the moment. The healthy basis for Europe.

Call 2: Strengthens the thought of harmony. It is for prosperity and peace in Austria and beyond. That is our job as Austria's soul.

When I woke up in June 2007, I had a crystal-clear picture in my mind's eye: the earth in the cosmos, an elephant, a key, a huge door and the acronym VEQ.

In times of Corona, I know that the elephant is the sign of peace and prosperity and a healthy inner respect for each individual. This education for the benefit of people and nature has developed over 13 years and we pass this education on in VEQ - with confidence in personal responsibility and development and with quality. It is our duty as adult experts to accompany children in their inner genius, to give them the chance to maintain their inner harmony. And to be mindful and loving with ourselves. The duality is history - this is an old space in the cosmos. This door to the new is open to everyone. For every nation, including politics. The harmony starts small and invisible in a country that has the best conditions for paradise. This loving, evolutionary movement is in everyone's interest. No person and no ego mentality may touch this new space. Only when you become like children!

Joy is a beautiful spark from god ...


Dipl. Ped. Christiane Köppl

VEQ - the brand for the economy 5.0


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