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Austria and its neutrality

VEQ - Vision on Earth with high Quality

I am dedicating this new blog post to Austria and the idea of ​​neutrality (the gross social harmony space). This requires some information about the history of our country, the importance of prosperity and also about myself as an observer for 22 years, as an expert and the vision already lived. As a holistic = multidimensional education expert, I try to describe as clearly as possible what education and neutrality have to do with the children's living space, with a country and with success.

I love Austria and I love children, animals and nature. Austria is a special country, of course also with special personalities. A wonderful natural space with water, air and a living space like hardly any other country on earth. There is hardly a nicer place to live. It is heavenly. What makes our country special beyond the visible and writable aspects? It is the neutral thought that has been thought for years beyond the many spheres in the cosmos. Every athlete and successful person knows that the MindSet, even a single thought, is crucial. When 8 million people think the neutral thought for decades, it creates a mental space of neutrality. Whatever a lot of people think increases the spiritual field. And just as the atmosphere has to do with human breathing, the biosphere with the effect of plants (biophilia effect of nature), the mental-emotional field of thought also has an effect. We are fortunate to be able to think and feel with great awareness.

Our huge advantage was that the generation before us, with the thought of deep gratitude and with the highest possible appreciation for neutral, free Austria, rebuilt this country. That is exactly why there is still a spiritual space of neutrality above us, a kind of protective shield that allows rapid regeneration. As in the small as in the large. As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm. What is valid in humans also applies in the living space and in the structure of the cosmos. Neutrality creates a regenerative space. As long as they are naive, the children make a huge contribution to this neutrality.

The soul of Austria has a long history. 1955, when it was considered neutral and free after a very drastic epoch, began a special time in our country. A time with international responsibility as a role model that has learned from history. The whole world is watching us in the elections. The whole world looks at us when the 7 cellar children act (Ibiza Affair). The whole world looks at us in times of Corona.

Since 2001, after a very traumatizing personal experience, I have known that Austria has a special role for the youngest generations worldwide, a role model role. There are special people in our country who are very influential nationally and internationally. NOW the time to act and implement has come for the good of man and nature. After a millennium shutdown like this, starting the economy without realizing the wholeness behind it and the soul of our country in the sense of the younger generations is not enough for me. Prosperity is more than an economy based on competition and supply / demand and measured in terms of money. The female side of true flow is missing. And that's exactly the point. The view and structure of women and children, which MUST complement the current structure. As with the spherical formula: you can't just omit the pi or one of the r’s. Just as little as yin can exist without yang or yang without yin. The duality, the thinking in good and bad, in evaluations, black and white, is not good for our country and the people. It creates mental-emotional environments of imbalance, chaos and exploitation. The dysbalance of poor and rich environments create uncertainty. This uncertainty is based on a fear thoughts of the ego person who has lost touch with the creatively-inspired higher self. I call it plutocracy. A plutocracy builds on power and control and on manipulation. There is a very clear blueprint of the Trinity, the balance of body, mind and soul, of male and female in balance. Anyone who is interested can learn this blueprint. In 12 simple modules. With essential knowledge from the humanities, social and natural sciences, a lived formula is created. This starts with the uniqueness of the miracle man, his ability to think, feel and act in a very high consciousness. Each individual counts in connection with the biorhythm of nature and an economy that builds on the power of human potential and the products created from it.

VEQ - Vision for the Earth with high Quality focuses on the wonder man in particular the genius of the child, the planet earth, prosperity, luxury, wealth, and the economy. This is how prosperity comes from the eyes of children. And as Socrates wrote a few hundred years before Christ: children love luxury (my addition: they are looking for the inside - the inner harmony). We are ready for this and prepared internationally. Best regards. Thanks for reading, liking and sharing. Your Christiane


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