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While technological progress has so far been focused on exploring the outer world, reaching and conquering distant planets and suns, the diverse topics on our own planet and in our everyday areas of life indicate the need for the creative dynamics of our own consciousness to tap into the potential of our inner cosmos. "
Dirk Pröckl, neurologist, VEQ® cooperation partner

VEQpark Hohe Tauern is the first destination center for natural success. It is considered a pedagogical-kinesiological service center and it offers preventive the contemporary living space for more well-being and harmony for the well-being of man and nature. This educational island is the basis for prosperity and peace in the sense of the younger generation.

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The VEQlab promotes creativity and inspiration and contributes in a gentle way to individually increasing the quality of life and personal development. With the VEQlab, the customer discovers his creative potential and brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

Site manager Arnold Petutschnig
“Working with children and adolescents for many years has shown that self-efficacy and self-organization are the basis for trust and enthusiastic learning. Only in this way can the potentials that have been created unfold in people. With this basis and the resulting stability, they will strengthen their environment and the economy. "
      • VEQ® location partner
      • and certified VEQ®coach
      • Father of 4 children

      • Brain Kinetics Trainer

      • Life kinetics trainer

      • UEFA A license football coach

      • Coordination trainer for children and adults

      • Kinesiology - Energy Diagnostic

      • Kinesiology - Touch for Health Module 1 to 4

      • Get fit with neuromotor skills

      • BAG 30b instructor training (qualification for youth courses at WIFI and BFI which are mediated by the AMS to these institutions)

Founder and developer Dipl. Päd. Christiane Köppl

VEQ® is the innovative and preventive educational brand for contemporary support. We combine high human values, education for true prosperity and innovative technologies in the interests of younger generations.


“The VEQ® model as a model of prosperity in the 21st century is unique and groundbreaking. It works wonders. And yes, I am a woman. It is the feminine approach to success that the world so desperately needs for sovereignty and peace, and which sensibly complements the currently strongly masculine structure.


Combining education and business in the interests of the younger generation was my main concern. With the VEQ®park as an island, the VEQ®lab (technology) as the centerpiece and VEQ®superlearning, I succeeded in a multiplicable, clear and gently integrable way. For young and old in the different regions and nations of the world. For the good of people and nature. "

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