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Christiane Köppl
rchitecture of natural living spaces
estetic harmony-surgeon
ctivist for the wonder of human-being and mother nature

Woman, mother, educator, kinesiologist, brain integration expert, visionary

My vision for Austria as a role model for the country began in 1998, when I was a teacher in sports and English.


I saw regional buses organized to take children to a central location in the afternoons. They were taught there in small groups. I saw a lot of joy and enthusiasm in the eyes of the children and above all prosperity and peace in our country and beyond.


In 2002 I started the training for my current expertise.

From 2007 I headed the Institute for Individual Performance Optimization in the Pongau and Upper Carinthia area.

One night in 2007 I woke up with the vision of VEQ® in my mind's eye. I intuitively registered the international brand for the benefit of people and nature, especially for the children and the smallest social component of the family.


Since then I've been fully committed to people, nature and the economy. It developed through doing the VEQ® model. It is an economic model that will contribute to international prosperity and peace with a very clear, natural and healthy economic structure customisable to each country. 


The VEQpark is the location for individual service development, the destination center for natural success. Here sport, nature and education are combined and we have developed our own technologies for creative-inspired learning.

The VEQpark is considered an educational-kinesiological center of excellence.


The VEQfund is our research association for prosperity and gross social harmony (neutrality). The soul of our country is special and so are our people. 


Now in March 2020 the time has come for the VEQ® model. I am very happy to be Austrian and to let people take part how to spread prosperity and peace into every country in the world.  


Educationist in Sports & English

Prof. Kinesiologist

LEAP Brain-Specialist by Dr. Charles Krebs

certified Coach by DDDr. MMag. Karl Isak

The art of inner beauty and harmony

About 1% of the people in the world are wealthy creators. In the spirit of the younger generation, they create a life on a new level in this world. these role models know about the law of harmony, live the lawof giving and taking and. recognize the rules of prosperity and peace. I connect myself with those people for whom man and nature are a true concern.


The higher consciousness and the higher cosmic order has clear rules for humanity. Every human being has a blueprint that keeps him inbalance and in flow in his inner harmony.


The intelligence of nature goes beyond the human mind. Nature is the invisible space with a clear structure. Every plant, every animal and even the water has a vibration that affects living beings through the Biophilia effect. Therefore man is not only part of nature, but man and nature are one.


Around body, mind and soul there is a space with a plan that works for people. Every human being should carry the wellbeing of the solar system inhis heart. In this way life becomes beneficial for society, the environment and the economy.

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